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June 1, 2018

Yoga Poses For Beginners

If you’re brand new to Yoga, it’s easy to be intimidated by many of the starting poses with long, strange names. Getting down the basics, however, is vital for becoming comfortable during class or for when you’re practicing on your own.

The most essential thing to remember is to listen to your body. Here are our suggestions on where to start.

The Mountain Pose
The Mountain Pose is known to be base position for all standing poses. While it may seem easy from a first glance, it can actually be difficult for some people to just stand still and clear your mind. The Mountain Pose allows you to gain a sense of where to put your feet.

To perform the Mountain Pose, start by standing with your feet together. Spread your toes and press them down towards the ground. Bring attention to your quads in order to lift kneecaps up. Draw in your abdominal as you lift up your chest, pushing back your shoulders towards the ground.

At this point you should feel your shoulder blades moving towards each other, allowing your chest to be open. The last step is to make sure that you are able to keep both palms inwards. People like to imagine that a string is being drawn from the crown of the head to the ceiling to help hold the pose. Breathe deeply in, and out through your nose as you feel it in your torso. Hold the pose for six to eight breaths.

The Downward Dog

One of the most popularly known poses, this dorm helps to stretch and strengthen your entire body. To perform this pose, get down on all fours. Your wrists should sit underneath your shoulders while your hips align with your knees. Tuck your toes underneath you and raise your hips off the ground.

With your knees bent and hamstrings tight, try to straighten your legs. Walking your hands forward will low you more length if you need it. The pose is completed by firmly pressing your palms down and rotating your inner elbows towards one another. As always, hold the position for six to eight breaths.

Choose Your Pose
Do you have any favorite yoga poses that you think would be perfect for a beginner to try? Let us know what you think! We’re always looking for new poses to teach our clients and to add to our blog posts.

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