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May 25, 2018
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What To Wear At Yoga Class

Let’s be real here, the definition of wearing loose and comfortable clothing is incredibly vague. If it’s your first time at a yoga class or if you’re trying to see what the current trends are, then keep reading. These items are our top recommendations for what to wear at yoga class.

Start At The Top

The goal for a yoga top is to find something that is comfortable yet fitting. You don’t want to wear a shirt that will end up awkwardly shifting of falling down when you’re leaning over in different poses. Watch out for any shirts that are low-cut as well. Gravity is your friend and the enemy when it comes to clothing and being in different poses.

The best choice is something long-fitted that is going to stay in place no matter if you’re bending backwards, twisting, or leaning forwards. Dark colors are also recommended thanks to the fact that Yoga can be quite a workout. You’ll probably start to work up a sweat, even in a beginner course.

A Fresh Breath Of Air
With a focus on breathing correctly and finding inner peace, sometimes participants forget that they should let their skin breath as well. No matter what clothing you choose, have it be of a thin material. Fabric that doesn’t bunch up or retain moisture will help if you start to sweat during the exercise – which you will.

Under And Over
The choice of what to wear for class even goes down to underwear. If you wear a bra, make sure that it’s something that can support your body in every position. As far of the fabric of underwear items, stay away from cotton. Cotton is a fabric that breathes, but it also is known to retain moisture. Furthermore, it also does not like to dry quickly. Avoid light colors and stick to comfortable fabric that allows for swear.

The One, The Only, The Beloved Yoga Pants
Loose shorts are also on a category to be avoided, that’s why yoga pants are great. Bike shorts are also a good option for doing Bikram yoga or if you tend to sweat a lot. Any long pants that you wear should be able to stretch as well as snug on the body. They should not stop you from trying to complete a full range of motion. Watch out for anything that has long, and dangling drawstrings as well.

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