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Welcome to the Yoga Network where we focus our energies towards yoga and the healing that it brings to our bodies. We are a group of advocates and instructors that help people to learn the amazing benefits that Yoga has to offer.

There are many forms of Yoga that benefit the mind, body, and spirit in different ways. If you think this is something that you’re interested in, check out the different classes that we have available. We offer anything from tips for gentle maternity yoga and beginners to expert poses that help you to ground yourself and spirit.


Using Wrinkle Injection for Sweating

Posted by Lisa Tribble on  June 21, 2018

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Sweating is natural. It is our body’s way of cooling us down if we are overheated. We sweat when we are nervous, we sweat in warm weather, and we sweat when we are exercising. Sweating at the gym or when you are out for a run is normal and is not something to worry about. Sweating in the office or during public speaking can, for some people, be a frustrating or embarrassing thing and can leave people feeling a little nervous.
Some people use antiperspirant to hide sweat or use pads inside their shirts to mask the sweat. Antiperspirant can leave residue on your clothes, though, and the pads aren’t ideal if you are wearing a dress or a tight shirt. That’s why some people are turning to other methods for preventing sweat from happening in the first place.

Using Wrinkle Injection for Sweating 

Botox injections are usually used to mask wrinkles and to give people a more youthful experience. The idea of using a wrinkle injection for sweating is relatively new, but it is surprisingly effective. Botox is actually a neurotoxin, but when it is injected in very small amounts it can freeze the muscles near the site of the injection, which means that the expression lines and wrinkles associated with those muscles do not form. When it is injected into the armpit, it performs a similar role, blocking the messages that tell the sweat glands in that area to secrete sweat. This means that you don’t sweat for a while after the injections.
Sweating is a natural, normal function of the human body, and if we didn’t sweat at all then we would overheat and get very sick. Botox injections are highly localized though, and this means that if you get a wrinkle injection for sweating, it will only stop the sweat in the area near the injection. Your body will still sweat elsewhere to help regulate its temperature.
The effectiveness of wrinkle injection for sweating can vary from person to person. For some people, it is a hugely effective treatment. For others, it doesn’t work well at all. The good news is that it is a simple treatment and it doesn’t take long to do. The injection process takes just 30 minutes, and you’ll know quite quickly whether it will work for you or not. The effects of the treatment usually last for around six months, and for those six months if the treatment worked you’ll enjoy an antiperspirant-free life.


What Happens In the Treatment 

The treatment is just a matter of some injections. It is up to you whether you want to shave your armpits or not before getting the treatment. Some people do, some people don’t. You will be given the option to have some numbing cream applied before the injection. Your armpits are quite sensitive so you might want to accept that offer, but if you usually don’t mind needles then you can have the injections without.
The Botox comes in a powdered form and is diluted using a saline solution. You will need quite a large amount of Botox for this treatment, which is why it costs quite a lot of money. On average, the price of wrinkle injections to treat the armpits is $1,000.
Once you have had the treatment solution mixed, they will draw a map on the armpit which shows where the needles need to be used. If you are someone who sweats “a normal amount” then the sites are pre-determined. There is no need for the clinic to perform any tests. If you are coming to a clinic because you have issues with excessive sweat then they may use starch iodine to test your armpits to locate the sites of the sweat.
Once they know where they need to treat, they can get to work. The needles don’t hurt – it feels like pinpricks, or may sting a tiny bit more if they have to go a bit deeper. For armpits, the treatments do go deeper than on the face, so if you’ve had injections for cosmetic reasons then you might notice some difference with this treatment.
It takes about a week for people to see the full effects. Some people who experience large amounts of sweat opt to have the same treatment in other problem areas, such as under the breasts, the scalp, or the palms and the soles of their feet. Needles and feet do not go well together. There are lots of nerve endings in the feet and they are very sensitive so that’s one time where you will likely want to accept some numbing cream.
These treatments don’t mask body odour. They might reduce it if you usually sweat a lot and have to try to get through a working day with a soaked through a shirt. However, any smell that comes from bacteria on the skin will still be there, so some people do end up using body spray anyway.


Is it Worthwhile? 

Whether or not this kind of cosmetic intervention is worthwhile will depend on how self-conscious you are about the amount of sweat that you produce. For someone who finds the day to day situations embarrassing (for example a teacher who dislikes having sweaty armpits while writing on the whiteboard) then this could be a good option. It is also popular with public speakers, and with people who are frequently photographed or who work in entertainment. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, then this can give you a new lease oonlife and free you from a frustrating and embarrassing condition.
For those who just struggle to deal with overheating while exercising, it may be that the therapy is too expensive to justify as a regular thing. It’s worth investigating for an upcoming wedding or another major event where you want to look your best, though. And once you have experienced the results you may find that you really do appreciate not needing to worry about having antiperspirant on hand at all times and that you get it again.

What To Wear At Yoga Class

Posted by Lisa Tribble on  June 1, 2018

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Let’s be real here, the definition of wearing loose and comfortable clothing is incredibly vague. If it’s your first time at a yoga class or if you’re trying to see what the current trends are, then keep reading. These items are our top recommendations for what to wear at yoga class.

Start At The Top

The goal for a yoga top is to find something that is comfortable yet fitting. You don’t want to wear a shirt that will end up awkwardly shifting of falling down when you’re leaning over in different poses. Watch out for any shirts that are low-cut as well. Gravity is your friend and the enemy when it comes to clothing and being in different poses.

The best choice is something long-fitted that is going to stay in place no matter if you’re bending backwards, twisting, or leaning forwards. Dark colors are also recommended thanks to the fact that Yoga can be quite a workout. You’ll probably start to work up a sweat, even in a beginner course.

A Fresh Breath Of Air
With a focus on breathing correctly and finding inner peace, sometimes participants forget that they should let their skin breath as well. No matter what clothing you choose, have it be of a thin material. Fabric that doesn’t bunch up or retain moisture will help if you start to sweat during the exercise – which you will.

Under And Over
The choice of what to wear for class even goes down to underwear. If you wear a bra, make sure that it’s something that can support your body in every position. As far of the fabric of underwear items, stay away from cotton. Cotton is a fabric that breathes, but it also is known to retain moisture. Furthermore, it also does not like to dry quickly. Avoid light colors and stick to comfortable fabric that allows for swear.

The One, The Only, The Beloved Yoga Pants
Loose shorts are also on a category to be avoided, that’s why yoga pants are great. Bike shorts are also a good option for doing Bikram yoga or if you tend to sweat a lot. Any long pants that you wear should be able to stretch as well as snug on the body. They should not stop you from trying to complete a full range of motion. Watch out for anything that has long, and dangling drawstrings as well.

Yoga Poses For Beginners

Posted by Lisa Tribble on  May 25, 2018

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If you’re brand new to Yoga, it’s easy to be intimidated by many of the starting poses with long, strange names. Getting down the basics, however, is vital for becoming comfortable during class or for when you’re practicing on your own.

The most essential thing to remember is to listen to your body. Here are our suggestions on where to start.

The Mountain Pose
The Mountain Pose is known to be base position for all standing poses. While it may seem easy from a first glance, it can actually be difficult for some people to just stand still and clear your mind. The Mountain Pose allows you to gain a sense of where to put your feet.

To perform the Mountain Pose, start by standing with your feet together. Spread your toes and press them down towards the ground. Bring attention to your quads in order to lift kneecaps up. Draw in your abdominal as you lift up your chest, pushing back your shoulders towards the ground.

At this point you should feel your shoulder blades moving towards each other, allowing your chest to be open. The last step is to make sure that you are able to keep both palms inwards. People like to imagine that a string is being drawn from the crown of the head to the ceiling to help hold the pose. Breathe deeply in, and out through your nose as you feel it in your torso. Hold the pose for six to eight breaths.

The Downward Dog

One of the most popularly known poses, this dorm helps to stretch and strengthen your entire body. To perform this pose, get down on all fours. Your wrists should sit underneath your shoulders while your hips align with your knees. Tuck your toes underneath you and raise your hips off the ground.

With your knees bent and hamstrings tight, try to straighten your legs. Walking your hands forward will low you more length if you need it. The pose is completed by firmly pressing your palms down and rotating your inner elbows towards one another. As always, hold the position for six to eight breaths.

Choose Your Pose
Do you have any favorite yoga poses that you think would be perfect for a beginner to try? Let us know what you think! We’re always looking for new poses to teach our clients and to add to our blog posts.

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