All About Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic

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June 26, 2018
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All About Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic

There are dozens of physiotherapy clinics in Wicklow. But all these practices are not created alike. That is why you should be cautious when selecting a reliable physical therapy practice in the region. In fact, Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic is one of the best private physical therapy practices located in Wicklow Town. The practice offers a wide variety of treatments that address a range of ailments. The experts at Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic will diagnose your pain and find the fastest way of alleviating it. In fact, they will prevent such pains from recurring with the right kind of treatments. That is why you should choose Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic for all your physical and sports injuries. This article provides information about the wide range of medical services provided by the occupational therapy clinic in Wicklow.

The practice employs chartered physiotherapists to treat a wide variety of ailments of the patients. They use manual therapy and exercises in a professional and caring manner to heal your condition within a short period of time. In fact, the practitioners at the centre take a hands-on approach to treat your conditions. First, the professional will conduct a full assessment of your condition. They will treat the injured area with the most appropriate manual therapy and recommend an exercise programme that is specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient. You will be able to return to your day to day activities within a short time frame – much better and stronger than before. That is why you should visit the occupational injury clinic in Wicklow.

The therapy centre was founded by a Wicklow native by the name of Maebhe Connolly in 2004. In fact, Roisin Scallan – a highly respected and skilled physiotherapist joined the practice in 2006. The treatments provided by the centre are quite effective and inexpensive compared to many other clinics in the area. These treatments could be accessed by the community with ease. The experts at the centre will take their time during the initial consultation session to fully examine the patient. They will diagnose the ailment of the patient and provide a highly personalised treatment plan to meet the individual needs of the patient. The clinic is quite popular in the community. In fact, they treat a wide range of ailments in the region. They pride themselves in adopting a hands-on approach and offering explanations for your treatment plan. The treatment plan offered by the clinic is highly effective in addressing and managing your condition over time. The practice will develop a highly personalised treatment plan to suit the individual condition of the patient. That is why you need to visit the Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic without further delay.

At Wicklow occupational injury centre, the experts will: 

  • Thoroughly diagnose and assess your condition
  • Explain your condition in detail so that you have a good knowledge of the condition as well as the treatment plan.
  • Provide an effective and highly personalised treatment plan as soon as possible.
  • Show you how to stay pain-free for the rest of your life.

Whether you have a mild injury or a serious sports injury, the team of experts at Wicklow has the right type of treatment for you. No injury is too small or too big for them. In fact, every patient is treated according to the highest standards in the industry. The experts specialise in hands-on and evidence-based occupational therapy treatments for a wide range of condition. In fact, they will devise a highly personalised exercise plan for you to follow once you leave the clinic. There are hundreds of muscles and ligaments in your body that could go wrong at times. That is when the body cries out in pain. That is where physiotherapy comes in handy. It is one of the most effective treatment methods for physical pain. That is why you should visit the occupational therapy clinic at Wicklow right now.

Some of the common conditions treated at the physical therapy centre include back pain, joint pains, arthritis, sports injuries, neck pains, work-related injuries, orthotics, and biomechanics.

Lower back pain is considered one of the most common conditions affecting more than 80% of the population in the United Kingdon at some point during the lifetime of the patient. Even though the condition isn’t serious most of the time, it can have a devastating effect on the productivity of the individual. The time taken off work affects the economy of the country. Patients with back pain will recover within six weeks most of the time. But the pain tends to recur most of the time. A small number of patients will develop a chronic back pain over time – which may affect a wide range of functionalities of these patients. Poor posture issues and simple muscle strain can result in back pain over time. In fact, poor posture will place excessive pressure on your soft tissues and joints over time. This will lead to back pain in the long run.

The experts at Wicklow physical therapy centre will perform a detailed history and diagnosis of the condition in order to determine the exact cause of your condition. The centre offers a wide range of effective physical therapy treatments for your condition. The treatments will focus on restoring the functions to poorly moving spinal joints while reducing the muscle tension in the process. The pain will decrease and the movements will improve as a result of the effective physical therapy treatments. Pilates is another great method to threat all types of injuries.

Sports injuries are effectively treated at the Wicklow centre. They treat athletes of all levels. In fact, physical therapy problems can happen to any type of athlete – whether you are a weekend warrior or an international-level athlete. Sports injuries are mostly caused due to the overuse of muscles and joints. The clinic uses a holistic approach to the management of sports injuries. They will initially screen the injured area in order to diagnose the condition correctly.

The aforementioned article provides information on what you need to know about the physical therapy clinic in Wicklow.

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